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Arnold Johnson

Spring of 2012 -May 1, 2024


How do you say goodbye to your best friend and beloved four-legged companion?  Arnold was a rescue dog from Kasilof. The sign said free puppies!  So, my son decided to stop.  After looking at the pups, he asked if there were any more. The person said yes, the troublemaker is locked in the shed (No lights, no food, no water).  One look at Arnold my son fell in love and took him.  When he brought him back to Anchorage, Arnold came in and sat on my feet. We already had 2 female dogs; I really didn't want a third.  But I found a spot in my heart for him. As a puppy Arnold loved chewing on newspapers and anything else he could get his teeth on, Including three sets of Oakley sunglasses.  He loved learning from the two female dogs we had. However, it took him a couple years to realize he could lift his leg.  Arnold was a very loving gentle pup and definitely not a troublemaker more like a peacemaker.  Arnold loved adventure and hiking in the back country was one of them. He loved our short walk Kincaid, he would get a good run, dropping down rolling on the trail or down a hill. It was pretty funny to watch when he did that. He also loved going out with us when we  cross-country skied.  After hikes we would tell him to get to the chopper and he would run and get behind the tailgate of the jeep. He never failed to alert us if danger was near such as bears or moose.  Kind of funny Arnold didn't care for berry picking, the Fourth of July or New Years. As big as Arnold was, he always crawled up on my lap when the fireworks were going off.  One funny story about Arnold. We were at Kincaid beach, passing the dead whale, so we let him off the leash to run. He happened to find one little piece of dead whale and rolled in it. He was pretty proud of that smell until it got to him.  When we got up to the top of the trail, he was trying to roll in the grass to get the smell off of him and dry heaving. Needless to say, it took four or five baths to get to smell off of him. Arnold enjoyed the finer things in life, getting his nails trimmed and a good bath at the doggie spa. He also enjoyed eating freezer burned salmon. Arnold was deeply loved. And is deeply missed.

I would like to thank Fireweed Veterinary Services and Doctor Grimes who is compassionate and caring, she is definitely an angel in disguise. I am thankful for Pet Stop's many years of service and giving me the information I needed. It is never easy to make a decision to end one’s life that you love so dearly.

Love you Arnold, you will always be in my heart.

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