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Fireweed Veterinary Services

In-home euthanasia and end-of-life care

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Compassionate end-of-life care in the comfort of your home.


About Fireweed Veterinary Services

At Fireweed Veterinary Services, our mission is to help your beloved companion to cross the rainbow bridge as peacefully as possible; surrounded by love, in the comfort of your home.


Choosing in-home euthanasia allows your pet to pass with dignity, peacefully, pain-free, and with family and friends by their side.


Facing the final days of your pet’s life is an emotional journey filled with questions and decisions, and we are here to assist and support you through this important and difficult time in your life.

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Why choose in-home eutanasia for my pet?

Why choose in-home euthanasia for my pet?

Pets are more relaxed in their home and so are their family members. Your pet can have their own comfy bed or a cozy spot by the fireplace. There is no stressful car ride or anxious waiting.


Gathering together at home allows as many loved ones, including children and other pets, to be present. You can lovingly say goodbye without feeling rushed.


In-home euthanasia provides increased privacy. It allows you to grieve your loss as openly as you need. It can also be a deeply meaningful experience, filled with love, ceremony, and memorialization.

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What to Expect

What to expect



Dr. Amanda will meet your pet and talk with you about the procedure. We will answer any questions. Some people prefer to know as much as they can about the process, while others do better with less information.


We suggest having your companion at their favorite spot and bring any special treats they love to eat.



We don’t want your pet to be in any discomfort or feel any stress during the process. Dr. Amanda will give a sedative to your pet that will put him or her into a comfortable rest before proceeding.

This will involve a 1 or 2 step injection and usually take 5-15 minutes to for your pet to relax.



After your pet is sedated, and you are ready, Dr. Amanda will administer the euthanasia solution. She will listen to your dog or cat’s heart and will let you know when he or she has passed.


This is a peaceful, painless process for your beloved pet.

Our Services

Our Services

In-Home Euthanasia

The cost of this service is $400. This includes all medications and supplies, a lock of fur if you like, and all the time you need.

We are able to see dogs, cats, and small mammals at this time (rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, mice).

Travel Fee

All visits in Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer and Wasilla are subject to a $50 travel fee.

For travel outside of our regular service area, this fee may vary. Please see our interactive service area map for details.

After Hours, Weekend, or Holiday Fee

Appointments arranged after 5pm, on the weekends, or on holidays are subject to a $100 fee.

Please contact us during regular business hours if interested in scheduling during these times.

Eagle River Valley Alaska
Pet Crematon and After Care

Pet Cremation & After Care

We can take care of everything for you after your pet has peacefully passed, including transport, cremation, and other special details.

We proudly partner with Passage Pet Crematorium and Grief Center located in Palmer, Alaska.

Individual Cremation

With individual cremation, your pet will be placed in the cremator with other pets, each separated by a 9 inch tall border of brick. Additionally, each beloved pet wears a uniquely numbered stainless steel tag to ensure your beloved pet is returned home to you.

Ashes can be returned to your home, your primary veterinarian or picked up directly from Passages Pet Crematorium and Grief Center.

Cost of individual cremation is determined by weight and ranges from $150-$500. Please contact us for an estimate.

Communal Cremation

With communal cremation, your pet will be respectfully cremated with other pets, and their ashes will be interred in a Forget-Me-Not Memorial Garden at the Alaska State Fairgrounds in Palmer, AK. No Ashes will be returned to you.

Cost of group cremation is determined by weight and ranges from $30-$400.

Please contact us for an estimate.

Memorial Items

Clay or ink paw print - $50 each

Fur clipping - complimentary

Urns and other unique condolence items can be purchased from Passages Pet Cremation and Grief Center. Etsy also has many urn options.

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Caring for your pet with love, respect and dignity.

Service Area

Fireweed Veterinary Services

We proudly service Anchorage, Eagle River, Wasilla, Palmer, and everywhere in between.  We are happy to travel outside of our normal range to you get your pet the care you are looking for.

Please contact us regarding service outside of these locations. Additional travel fees apply.

About Me
Amanda Grimes DVM Veterinarian

Dr. Amanda Grimes

Dr. Amanda Grimes is a 2020 graduate of Colorado State University receiving her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. After 2 years of working in general practice, she was inspired by the human-animal bond so clearly evident during end-of-life care. She has been providing in-home euthanasia since 2022. 


She has become dedicated to supporting pets and their families through their final walk together in a safe and supportive environment of love and understanding. 


Dr. Grimes supports pets and families in Anchorage and the Matsu Valley. Your pet is important and they deserve the best euthanasia care possible.

The Mason Family

"Dr. Grimes, We truly appreciate your compassion, understanding and professionalism during our recent loss of Gregory. Euthanizing a beloved pet is a difficult decision and we were comforted by your calm presence and validation for our love of Gregory, our beautiful brown tabby."
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Cancellation Policy

We know that things can change with your pet on a moment-to-moment basis. We have a generous cancellation policy and understand that sometimes pets can rally, and you need more time. We never want you to feel pressured into doing anything you are not comfortable with.


There is no cancellation fee if you cancel more than three hours prior to your appointment.

Repeat cancellations and appointments canceled within three hours may be subject to a fee.

Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, or cash.

Payment is due at the time of service.

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