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A small golden Pomeranian stands in a field of white daisies with blue skies and pine trees in the background

We cared for Minnie the last 6 years of her 20 years, and believe they were the best of her life! Minnie got to ride with me as my co-pilot all over Bristol Bay.  She also got to travel to many different states. Whatever we did, Minnie did.  Whoever met Minnie was instantly in love. She brought us so many smiles and laughter, and would cheer us up if we were sad.  She also kept our other 2 dogs who are German Shepherds in check; they knew who the boss was!

We did the best we could for her and it's the toughest decision to ever have to make when your pet is aging and their body starts to wear out.  It's been several weeks now and we are still missing her showing up at the door when we walk in.  We will forever love and miss you Minnie!

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