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Gideon, a golden retreiver, enjoying the sun on a summer day with green grass and trees.

February 15th, 2023

Gideon was my shadow. My constant companion. Our hearts beat in unison. He was a dog that was aware of his surroundings. His favorite thing to do was to just look at the beauty around him. We were camping down on Kenai Lake. Our tent was right on the water and our first morning me and him spent 2 hours just looking out of the tent across the water at the mountains. Quiet, peaceful and serene. This was Gideons soul. I don’t care where we were, he found something beautiful and peaceful to look at.

When a human passes away there is pain of the loss. When a pet passes away, there is a raw, deep, extreme loss feeling. Why? Because humans leave their marks. Words, actions or deeds that are done throughout one’s life that although those actions are forgiven, they aren’t forgotten. Pets aren’t like that. They love purely, wholeheartedly without any scars from past experiences left on the humans heart and soul.

I love you my Gideon. And I will forever miss you.

Gideon - a golden retriever, walks down a snowy path

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